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Killing Carpenter Ants

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Controlling & Exterminating

Killing  ant colonies in a home or other type of building does not necessarily require a call to the exterminator. In fact, there is a wide variety of reputable ant infestation destroying products on the market today. These can allow a home or building owner to save a considerable amount of money compared to the expense of hiring a professional exterminator. Cost can be anywhere from $400 to $1000 and up when calling in a outside pest contractor. Sometimes this is needed but other times you can take care of the problem on your own for a fraction of the cost. Knowledge is key to getting rid of your pest problem. Understanding the type of infestation is important to solving your particular problem. Listed below are some of the products which you can apply yourself. If you want more information you can read the information below. If your interested in getting your pest problem taken care of quickly decide on one of the products listed on this page. All of the products listed here can be purchased online at Amazon.  Amazon is highly regarded by consumers for the reviews it offers. Here you can find the good, bad and ugly on any product you are considering purchasing. Included are ant removal products that have the highest customer satisfaction ratings as well as the ones with the most reviews.


Liquid Ant Bait Station

One effective method to utilize for eradicating an  infestation in a home or other building is called a liquid ant bait station. This product is essentially a small, usually plastic design that contains a solution. This both attracts ants to it, but also slow-kill poisons them after they have contacted the solution. There is reason that a slow kill formula is better when using a liquid ant bait station. After a  ant has made contact with the poison, the slow kill formula found in the liquid ant bait station products is transported by the ant into colony pathways and nests. By transporting this poison, the  ants end up transferring the poison to all of the other ants in the colony. This process can achieve meaningful success in terms of actually getting rid of the infestation. There are also other variations of ant bait stations. These utilize other types of poisons, but all ant bait stations essentially function in the same way. A liquid ant bait station can be an effective way to destroy a colony of carpenter ants.

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Ant Sprays and Powders

Other types of  mitigation methods include the use of powders and aerosol sprays. These contain chemical compounds that are  fatal to pests. While both powders and sprays can both yield good results in terms of killing off  ant populations, each of these methods are applied in different ways. The use of powders to deal with a  infestation is more of a latent extermination method. This means that once a powder is applied, it can stay active and effective for a long period of time. For this reason, these kinds of  powders are sometimes used in the treatment of wood in newly built homes and other structures involving the use of wood. This acts as a kind of preemptive guard against the development of an infestation.  Ant aerosol spray products are used differently than powders. The user will locate a grouping of  ants, or an entry to their nest or pathways  Than a blast of pressurized or aerosolized ant poison is sprayed into their colony. This method is more effective as a deterrent than an overall extermination method.  Unless the spray carries with it a slow-kill formula that can make its way into the colony and infect other members of the population.

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Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

An additional method that deters  ants from your home or building instead of killing them is known as an ultrasonic pest repellant system. These are electronic devices that utilize ultrasonic, electromagnetic, and ionizing outputs that have the ability to deter  ants (and other insect pests) from the presence of these devices when they are operational. Many reviews of these products seem to suggest that they have mixed success overall when it comes to pest control, but there is some evidence to show that these products are capable of producing favorable results. Ultrasonic pest repellant systems may work for some people, but they are generally most effective inside buildings as opposed to being placed outdoors. Regardless of which method a person may choose for getting rid of their specific problem infestation, buying these kinds of products online from a retailer like can be just as effective as hiring an exterminator, but for a fraction of the price.

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How To Kill Carpenter Ants In Trees

Generally speaking, dealing with an outdoor infestation is going to be somewhat different from dealing with an indoor one, though there are likely going to be many similarities. The difference with dealing with an outdoor infestation is that some methods that may work well for getting rid of ants indoors may not work as well destroying  ants in an outdoor setting. Eradicating a  ant infestation in trees or in the yard is probably going to be most effectively achieved through the use of either a liquid ant bait station, or anti  ant powder applications and aerosol sprays. In an outdoor setting there will likely be a smaller chance of having success with an ultrasonic pest repellant system than there would be indoors. For this reason it is usually not recommended that someone use an ultrasonic system on an outdoor situation. For an outdoor infestation there are so many different products that can be purchased for an affordable price that have the ability to effectively destroy a  infestation. With this in mind, why would anyone spend much more money to hire an exterminator who will ultimately achieve similar results as a cheaper method that could be easily purchased from an online seller like For most  infestations, the choice is clear; buying a product that can achieve the goal of pest control without hiring an expensive professional exterminator is almost always going to be the best bet.

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What Damage Can A Carpenter Ant Do

The carpenter ant is a small pest that can cause large problems for homeowners. Be it building tenants, or owners of buildings, the  ant is one insect that can cause serious problems. Despite the relatively small size of these insects they live and function in fairly large populations. This means that they are going to have the potential to do a lot of structural damage. Especially to wood found in buildings and trees, as well as yard property where they focus their population centers. The carpenter ant damage that can be done to trees, buildings, and yard property can become extensive. When an infestation takes place the damage to property can become total. Especially if left unchecked for too long. The method by which  ants damage property is in the way they create their nesting areas. They utilize their ability to burrow into wood to create channels and satellite nests. They do this inside of buildings containing wood, trees, yards, and other materials that they are able to burrow into. Wood structures are certainly the carpenter ant’s material of choice. Especially when burrowing to create new nests. Research into the habits and behaviors of  ants reveals that these insects clearly do not prefer dry wood for their nesting areas. Dry wood is more structurally sound than wet or deteriorated wood.  Monitor your structures, trees, and yard for the presence of damp or deteriorated wood. This can give you the foreknowledge to prevent a troublesome infestation of insects on your property.



Identifying Carpenter Ants

If someone is trying to identify these pests, this is not always a simple task since there are multiple different species  that exist. What do carpenter ants look like?  These ants are what is known as polymorphic, meaning that within a colony, there are  differing sizes and body types within the main colony. Within a population of  ants, there tends to be only one wingless queen. The wingless queen is generally easy to identify if the colony is mature, since wingless queens do not have wings and mature colonies  typically contain winged males and females (worker ants). There are also some queens within a population of carpenter ants that do have wings, along with fore wings that are often bigger than the rear wings. These wings tend to have a transparent appearance, or a kind of light brown coloration. Identifying carpenter ant eggs/larvae is another important ability to have, since destroying the carpenter ants in this stage of growth can prevent the development of a colony that can grow out of control into a full-blown infestation. Carpenter ant eggs are a cream color, and are best described as having an overall oval shape to them.


Carpenter Ant Bites

There are a variety of different reasons  why it is a good idea to take measures to prevent a carpenter ant infestation.  One of the main reasons for doing so is that these insects can completely destroy the structural integrity of buildings. Especially those which use wood as a main building material. They do this by burrowing into wood structures for the purpose of forming their nests and the connecting pathways between satellite nests.  There is another reason it is important to prevent an infestation of  ants.  While these insects are not life threatening to humans and require little or no treatment, they are capable of inflicting a fairly painful bite.  In some cases these bites may break the skin and draw blood. Additionally, if a carpenter ant bites a human they will likely  release a compound called formic acid. This is a chemical that can cause irritation and pain. This makes the  ant’s bite even worse for people who are bitten. Even in adults this bite can be a painful experience. In children it could even be a seriously traumatizing one if there are multiple  ants that attack a child. Preventing these kinds of carpenter ant bite experiences is  another reason to safeguard against a carpenter ant infestation.

Termites vs Ants

Making the distinction between a carpenter ant infestation and a termite infestation is going to be important, since doing so will help determine what the available methods for eradicating the infestation are going to be. In other words, if you try to use a carpenter ant deterrent on termites, or a termite deterrent on  ants, it may fail since it is not the right tool for the job. At any rate, the primary distinction between an infestation of termites and one of carpenter ants lies in how the two different insects process the wood they are removing in order to burrow inside of a structure. While carpenter ants do not actually ingest the wood they remove from a structure, termites are different in that they do ingest and metabolize the wood they remove in the course of constructing their nests and tunnels. This fundamental difference can help you determine which insect infestation you have in your home, if any. If there is an infestation of  ants then it is likely that there will be noticeable piles of wood shaving in the vicinity of the carpenter ant infestation since the wood is not being consumed or metabolized by the ants. With a termite infestation, there will typically not be noticeable piles of wood shavings at all. This is a primary method of determining which insects are present.

Killing Carpenter Ants In Trees

Certain telltale signs of a problem in buildings and homes have already been discussed. There are other signs to look for when trying to identify a carpenter ant infestation in outdoor settings. It is one thing to identify a swarm in a building. It can be slightly more difficult to identify one in an outdoor setting of trees and yards. This is where education comes into play. Identifying an infestation in trees or a wooded area of a property is not difficult   Although finding wood shavings may be more difficult. This is because  inside of a home or building  the elements are not present to disturb or remove evidence of an infestation. Outdoors, the evidence of a carpenter ant infestation may not be as readily identifiable. They may not even be present at all. Locating bore holes in outdoor wood is a telltale sign. This can show that carpenter ants may be present in the wood, but is not a 100% certainty. Locating bore holes in tree wood or stored firewood is the first step. The next step to take is to begin visually searching for actual carpenter ants. If you see large, winged ants leaving and entering the wood source, then you can be fairly certain that a carpenter ant infestation is present. Protection Status

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