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How To Kill Fire Ants

Many people panic when they find out that they have fire ants. They hurry to find out how to kill fire ants. If you want to know how to kill fire ants there are several routes you can take. You can make use of chemical fire ant killers or you could try out some of the natural, green fire ant killers. However, you have to be a little bit careful when you are learning how to kill fire ants, because some so-called remedies may exacerbate your problem.

How To Kill Fire Ants

There are over 280 species of fire ants around the world from Thailand to the USA, and the word 'fire' is used in the common name of most of them. The distinguishing feature of fire ants is their red to copper-brown heads and darker bodies. Fire ants are smallish in comparison to some other ants at between two and six millimetres in length, but their jaws or mandibles look like a miniature pair of shears. Their genus is Solenopsis.

Most ants bite to make a wound and then spray (formic) acid into the wound, but fire ants bite only to get a hold until they can sting with their abdomens or bodies. The sting contains a toxin called alkaloid venom, which is very painful to humans. Fire ants eat mostly plants, but they will kill crickets and even small mammals. People who sensitive to the venom of fire ants can also be killed by them, which is why people wonder how to kill fire ants, if they see a likely looking ant hill near their property.

Fire ants build their nests underground in moist to damp locations - often on the banks of rivers or ponds. However, this can include well-watered lawns and public highways. Often the nest cannot be readily noticed because it is under some sort of protective covering like a dead tree or rotting vegetation.

So, what can be done to kill fire ants? Well, the US government has introduced several species of flies, called Phorid flies, into the southern states of America most affected by fire ants. These Phorid flies lay their eggs in fire ants. When a larva hatches out in a fire ant, it makes its way to the ant's head and feeds on muscle and other tissue. After about two weeks, the head drops off and becomes an incubating chamber for the fly, which hatches out after about another two weeks.

However, if you want to know how to kill fire ants yourself, the answer is it is fairly easy, but the problem is that you should not kill all the other 'good' ants on your property. In fact, if you have other ants, you are less likely to get fire ants, at least partially because they are competing for the same food.

Boric acid is a known ant and insect killer. Spread it liberally around a fire ant nest or where you see them foraging. Nematodes will kill and eat fire ants too. You can buy nematodes in some shops or online. In fact, if you want to know how to kill fire ants, using nematodes is probably the best option to try first.



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